LVMH and Kering have drawn up a charter on working relations with fashion models and their well-being

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Métal Verni Carré Boucle Nouveau Femme Martin Cuir Bottes Talon Chunky Liée Autumm Chaussures Ej0fa2up3pl6 Med En 2018 Croix Bout Noir XZ6SxnaThe Charter on the working relations with fashion models and their well-being

Kering and LVMH have decided to establish a charter for the well-being of models that will be implemented throughout all their brands. Respecting the dignity of every man and woman is at the heart of both group’s values. Having always cared for the well-being of models, LVMH and Kering feel that they have a specific responsibility, as leaders in the industry, to go one step further with their brands.

This charter, which is applicable worldwide, reflects high standards of integrity, responsibility and respect for those concerned. On top of paying particular attention to ensuring good working conditions for models, it is structured around several major commitments:

· Brands of both groups commit to working solely with models able to present a valid medical certificate, attesting to their good health and ability to work, obtained less than six months before the shooting or the fashion show.

· All fashion brands belonging to LVMH and Kering commit to banning size 32 for women and size 42 for men (French measurement) from their casting requirements. Casting agencies will be required to present female and male models who are size 34 or over, and size 44 or over, respectively. To further ensure the care of models, it will be incumbent upon the brands to put a dedicated psychologist/therapist at their disposal during their working time.

· Models below the age of 16 must not be hired by brands to take part in shows or shootings representing an adult.

· 16 to 18 year-old models are subject to specific rules:
o They are not permitted to work between 10pm and 6am.
o The presence of a chaperon/guardian—who can be one of the model’s parents — appointed by their agency is mandatory for models aged 16 to 18, and any model under the age of 18 must be housed in the same accommodation as their chaperon/guardian.
o The charter requires brands to ask agencies to ensure that models meet their school attendance obligations.

· Models must have the possibility of making a direct complaint in the case of a dispute with a modeling agency, a casting director or a brand (e.g. through the designation of a contact person or the setting up of a hotline)

“Respecting the dignity of all women has always been both a personal commitment for me and a priority for Kering as a Group. Through the establishment of this charter and our commitment to abide by its terms, we are once again manifesting the importance of this core value in a very concrete manner. We hope to inspire the entire industry to follow suit, thus making a real difference in the working conditions of fashion models industry-wide” declared François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering.

“I am deeply committed to ensuring that the working relationship between LVMH Group brands, agencies and models goes beyond simply complying with the legal requirements. The well-being of models is of great importance to us. As the leader in the luxury sector, we believe it is our role to be at the forefront of this initiative. We have the responsibility of building new standards for fashion and we hope to be followed by other players in our sector,” declared Antoine Arnault, member of LVMH Board of Directors, Chairman of Loro Piana and Chief Executive Officer of Berluti.

The implementation of this Charter will start during the upcoming Fashion Weeks. A monitoring committee, made up of representatives of the brands, agencies and models, will meet each year (once every six months for the first year).

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